Corian Shower Walls

You might already know that Corian® is a good choice for your kitchen counters, but did you know it is also a superior choice for your bathroom? The same benefits Corian® offers for your kitchen countertops now extend to your shower walls. 

ComfortStone™ made with Corian® shower walls give you the stress-free, low-maintenance bathroom solution you've always wanted! With Corian® shower walls, you get the best of both worlds; a stunning design that is also hassle-free. Plus, with the ability to choose from over 100 colors, you won't have to sacrifice design when using shower walls made with Corian® as it provides a durable solution that can give your bathroom the luxurious look of your dreams.


Typically, homeowners looking to remodel their bathroom seek out tile and natural stone options for their shower walls because they look great on TV. A bathroom is a haven for mold and mildew due to the amount of moisture present, especially in the shower area. Tile and natural stone options are porous materials that require routine maintenance. If installed incorrectly or not sealed properly, your new, beautiful bathroom will quickly become the ugly one just replaced. The reason why is water damage. When water is absorbed into a material, it can cause mildew, staining, and tile and grout to pop out. The long-term consequences of water damage may lead to cracks, rot, and hidden mold in your bathroom. Over time as more and more water is absorbed, it begins to pose potential damage to the structural components of the bathroom walls and floors. As you can see, choosing the right material for your shower walls is important because water damage will cause many expensive repair costs. 


What if we told you that you could have a luxurious stone look without all the troubles that come with natural stone? We can do just that using ComfortStone™ made with Corian® shower walls. Corian® possesses all the great features of the natural stone look with none of the negatives. Amongst many, one major advantage of using Corian® for your shower walls is that it is non-porous.  

Since Corian® shower walls are non-porous they will not absorb water. This provides you with a low maintenance, virtually seamless, and water-proof space that resists mold, mildew, and bacteria, making it the best choice for wet environments like your shower. Since water cannot penetrate Corian® Solid Surface, none of the major risks that come along with water damage mentioned above will even be a concern after your bathroom remodel is complete. By choosing to use ComfortStone™ made with Corian® shower walls in your bathroom remodel, you will have a beautifully designed space that will last for years and end up saving you a lot of money in the long run by avoiding major water-related repairs. Even after tens of years of use, solid surface shower walls made with Corian® will look and perform like they were newly installed, whereas other materials won't.  

Not to mention, should the solid surface walls sustain damage, they can be restored to their original state, unlike tile and stone. Corian® is a very durable material, but if minor cuts or scratches appear, they are easily repairable. You can repair them yourself, or if you are uncomfortable, you can always contact a professional, such as Comfort. Our service department can repair any scratches and abrasions for you. With minimal care and upkeep, your shower remodel using Corian® shower walls will remain looking brand new while saving you replacement and maintenance costs in the long run. 


As you can see, ComfortStone™ made with Corian® shower walls are a perfect solution for New York homeowners looking for a luxury stone look for their bathroom remodel. The Comfort Showers and Baths team can give you the ultimate shower remodel that will last you a lifetime in a few days. Transform your tub and shower area into the custom waterproof, durable, and low-maintenance space you'll love! To learn more about our ComfortStone™ bath remodels made with Corian® on our website click here. If you are interested in having a ComfortStone™ solid surface shower remodel made with Corian® installed in your house, give us a call or complete the above form to schedule a free, no-obligation design consultation.